The very name conjures up visions of gastronomic delicacies simmering in pots with threads of steam dancing out to infuse the air with the comforting yet tantalizing aroma of mamma's kitchen. An apt description that sums up Saladicious's philosophy: to create an ambience where diners can relax and savor the delicacies of tasty, healthy homemade cuisine. Saladicious's speciality is freshly homemade soups and salads. But the menu doesn't stop at salads.

Saladicious offers daily gourmet dishes including steaks, risottos, paellas and pastas. As for the desserts, let's say, they will make your taste buds swoon. The extensive and exotic menu is freshly prepared by our team of Venezuelan chefs. Their Latin flair and finesse adds an extra dash of flavour to our homemade recipes, as you will soon discover. Buen provecho!

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Saladicious Grillz, City Walk, 38 Al Safa St. Dubai. P.O. Box 214225

Phone Number :04 343 4436,
056 3272844
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